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Gearing Up Young Riders for a Safe Trip

Each motorcycle ride is an exciting yet unpredictable adventure so motorcyclists, especially young riders, need to gear up every time. Wearing complete motorcycle gear will provide protection from head to toe, whether it is from a bad weather condition or from a minor road accident.

For successful motorcycle trips, you need the right motorcycle, the right gear, and the right body conditioning. You need to gear up like a pro and make use of available helmets, riding suits, jackets and pants, gloves, and boots. Tees, shorts, and flip flops just won’t cut it. You’re putting yourself in danger when you dress up like you’re just walking down the street. Since motorcycles offer little protection (they don’t come with steel frames and air bags), you need a full body armor to keep yourself from possible harm.

The Department of Transportation and Motorcycle Safety Foundation stresses the use of helmets for bicycle and motorcycle riders, adults and young people alike. Helmets are considered the most important piece of protective gear so get the right kind with the perfect fit. Leather jackets and pants are also reliable pieces of apparel that you can regularly wear for riding trips. They provide protection from heat and other harsh weather conditions. Riding suits are also one of the best choices you may have so try on a few and decide for yourself if you want to purchase one. You will also need eye protection (sunglasses), durable gloves to avoid hand blisters, and leather boots with sturdy soles to protect your feet. The level of security you will get outweighs the amount of money you will spend for a complete gear set.

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